Current offers:


Laws related to managing a business in the Raut Industrial Park:


Presentations and Information:

  • Intelligent Low-Cost Location for Automotive Suppliers (USAID) – English
  • Investing Guide Moldova (PwC) – English


If you want to participate in the contest, you must, at the announced deadline, to submit the following documents:

  1. Application form –  download, fill out the form, print and sign it
  2. Identification documents:
  • A copy of State Registration Certificate, a copy of the statute and an extract from the State Register of Legal Entities (Moldovan residents only)
  • A copy of the Registration Certificate, issued by the authorities and the copy the statute (non-Moldovan residents only)
  • A copy of ID (individuals only)
  1. Investment project
  2. A certificate from the tax inspectorate of the absence of debts to the State Budget (Moldovan residents only)
  3. Bank statement confirming the investor’s financial capacity to cover at least 25% of expenditure (sample)
  4. Copy of the confirmation fee (200 MDL) to contest

After you have prepared all the documents, put them in an envelope and post them to the Secretary of the Commission by the deadline.