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    Raut Industrial Park announces the selection of residents

    Raut Industrial Park announces the selection of residents

    Raut Industrial Park is announcing the beginning of the contest for selecting residents and investment projects, which should be accomplished within Raut Industrial Park.

    The contest will take place on 18 September 2015, at 1pm inside the administrative building of Raut SA, on Decebal str., 13, Balti municipality.

    Tendered Buildings:

    Nr./o Lot nr. Name of the building Număr cadastral Surface, sq.m. Total surface, sq.m.
    1 Lot I 57A/2-22 0300207658.01 37,3 88,8
    57A/2-23 17,6
    57A/2-24 33,9
    2 Lot II 57A/3-9 0300207658.01 35,2 35,2
    3 Lot III 57A/3-13 0300207658.01 16,7 54,5
    57A/3-14 37,8
    4 Lot IV 57A/3-15 0300207658.01 38,1 72,6
    57A/3-16 34,5
    5 Lot V 57A/3-17 0300207658.01 17,1 17,1
    6 Lot VI 57A/3-18 0300207658.01 17,1 17,1
    7 Lot VII 57A/3-21 0300207658.01 37,7 37,7


    I. Contest Terms
    1. May participate:
    a) Native Individual and legal people;
    b) Foreign Individual and legal people.
    2. Candidats have the right to acquaint with the documents, to visit the objects, which are exposed for tender.
    3. Candidats are submitting investment projects for development of the industrial activity within Raut Industrial Park, using modern and innovative technologies, and related services.

    II. Participation Agreements
    4. Candidates should submit a set of documents for the contest, according to the Specifications.
    5. The price for participating at the contest is 200 lei.
    6. Bank detailes of Raut SA – Managing company of Raut Industrial Park
    Recipient: „Răut” SA
    Fiscal code: 1002602000612
    Bank code: 222400001100296
    Beneficiary bank: BC „Victoriabank” SA, branch nr.1 Bălţi
    Bank code: VICBMD2X740.
    7. The person responsible for receiving offers for the contest is Dmitri Gudumac.
    8. The offers are submitted in state language, sealed envelope to the adress:
    MD-3121, Balti municipality, Decebal str., 13
    9. The stamp of Raut SA is applied when receiving the set of documents
    10. The offers are recorded in the received order, indicating the date and time.
    11. Deadline is: 17 of September 2015, 4pm.
    12. The recording of the candidats is made on 18 of September 2015, from 11.30 am until 1.30pm..
    III. Additional information
    13. More detailes:
    tel: 067230501,
    e-mail: start@industrialpark.md.

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