The Industrial Park “Răut” offers three collaboration opportunities for investors:

1. Resident of the Industrial Parc, tenant
The resident develops its business independently, by taking in lease, depending on the needs, the fixed assets of the administering company: production premises, offices, warehouses, equipment. In this case, Răut SA can offer discounts up to 70% of the lease price. The discount amount depends on the number of new jobs, applied technologies and other factors. The resident has the possibility to conclude a lease contract until 2043 when the activity term of the Industrial Park “Răut” expires, but even if the activity term is not extended or other circumstances arise, the Resident will maintain its right to use the assets and the land in line with the contract, including the right to buy the assets it uses.

2. Resident of the Industrial Park, owner
The resident develops its business independently after having bought the assets (premises, equipment, etc.). The sale price for the assets of the company Răut SA, in compliance with the current legislation, must not be smaller than the market price of the asset. The right of ownership on the asset procured in the Industrial Park is guaranteed by art. 46 of the Moldovan Constitution. The Resident is required to operate in line with the investment project.

3. Cooperation (subcontracting) with the Managing Company
The investor has the possibility to develop with the administering company the production of goods. Răut SA has one of the largest parks of industrial equipment for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals (casting, mechanic processing, pressing, etc.), piezo ceramics, rubber and plastic masses. In addition, the qualification of Răut SA professionals in the field of research, technology, design, etc. guarantees an extremely high quality of the works.