• “Brownfield” location

    Great opportunity to start a business with minimal costs

  • Water pipe/ Sewerage

    Water pipes and sewerage available for your needs.

  • Electric power

    You are provided with electric supply for your office or building area.

  • Telecommunications

    Fiber-optic communication

  • Natural gas

    Natural gas supply is provided at your request.

  • Engineering & Prototyping

    Aging laboratory tests, engineering & prototyping services available.

  • Sanitation/ Waste handling

    We take care of your company’s waste.

  • Parking

    Parking lots for your company vehicles or personal ones.

  • Security/ Fire Station

    You are safe, our residents benefit from our security solutions.

  • Consulting, personnel service, labor security

    We support your business with all the human resources you need.

  • Healthcare services

    Healthcare solutions for your employees and contractors.

  • Maintenance services

    Maintenance of industrial equipment and electrical grids and other maintenance works.

  • We would like to have business with you!

    Contact us and we will find the best offer on the market for your business!