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    The Residents of RAUT Industrial Park will activate in better conditions

    The Residents of RAUT Industrial Park will activate in better conditions

    North Regional Development Agency is planning and coordinating the steps of landscaping of RAUT Industrial Park, Balti Municipality, being at the 3rd stage of the project implementation ”The supporting of development of industrial sector in the North Regional Development, by rehabilitating and modernizing aqueduct and sewerage infrastructure for Industrial Park on the territory of RAUT JSC, Balti Municipality”.
    According to the project, on the territory of RAUT JSC will be arranged parking areas, ramps for garbage disposals, rest areas for employees. Furthermore, the sidewalks will be paved in the park and adjacent areas, the roads will be renovated and the fence (2,14 km) around the Industrial Park will be renovated too.
    Ion Bodrug, General Manager of North RDA, and representatives of Selinic-Cons Company have coordinated the agenda of planned works and set the priorities, taking into account the amount of allowances to be approved at the next meeting of National Council of Regional Development Coordination. In this context, the General Manager of RAUT JSC, Anatolie Munteanu, has mentioned that it is necessary to perform the renovation works of the main entry and sanitary zone of the Industrial Park.
    North RDA and Selinic-Cons, the winner of public auction, have signed last month the contract to perform the works at RAUT Industrial Park, and it has a value of 21,76 mln lei. The funds will be allocated from the National Fund of Regional Development sources. (NFRD)
    The performing period is 9 months, with the exception of winter months.
    Previously, there were performed other 2 subprojects in RAUT Industrial Park. There were built outer aqueduct networks (2,5 mln lei), and there were renovated and built inner sewerage network and inner aqueduct (2,24 mln lei).
    The total cost of the project is 26,65 mln lei.
    RAUT Industrial Park is placed in the center of the city, on 9,5 ha, is managed by RAUT JSC, has been launched in July, 25, 2013. RAUT JSC is manufacturing production of technical-productive purpose, as well as consumer goods. The company was established founded in 1944, and it is a state owned company.

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