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    Two IT companies became Residents of RAUT Industrial Park

    Two IT companies became Residents of RAUT Industrial Park

    Two IT companies became Residents during today’s meeting of the Comission for selecting residents and investment projects for RAUT Industrial Park. Both companies are native investments.

    IT companies have declared their willingness to activate in RAUT Industrial Park, including due to the Law on IT parks, which is currently examining by Parliament, due to encourage and support provided by Ministry of Information and Communication Techology for RAUT Industrial Park.

    One of the companies will develop programs for industrial equipment (industrial software), that will be produced within RAUT Industrial Park too.

    „I am pleased that RAUT Industrial Park becomes a reliable development platform not only for industrial companies, but for IT companies too. I hope that, shortly, after the Law on IT parks will be approved, RAUT will get the title of an IT Park”, said Anatolie Munteanu, General Manager of RAUT SA (Joint Stock Company) – the Managing Company of RAUT Industrial Park.

    RAUT Industrial Park will continue to support IT and industrial enterprises, as well as their cooperation based on the principles of cluster.

    Nowadays, in RAUT Industrial Park are eight Resident companies. Research and production companies specialized in automotive, hydro acoustic and navigation equipment, information technology, construction and services providing.

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